13 things you’ll only understand if you’ve been part of a team

  1. Your team is your second family. They’ll become lifelong friends and you will share memories with them that nobody else will be able to understandQ4XAlrY
  2. You develop a deep sense of responsibility. Your team needs you, and you need your team. It will help you later in life when you have to deal with people with different opinions and points of view.        quote-Chris-Evert-i-think-team-sports-probably-teach-you-157868
  3. The rush of adrenaline you get right before the ref blows the whistle. You can feel it in your legs, your arms, your toes, your entire body is filled with excitement Britain Dolphins Raiders Football
  4. The love/hate relationship with practice, with your coach yelling at you, pushing you, and especially the hours and hours of cardio and lifting tumblr_mtgbamBEG51ral4vko1_500
  5. And a hate/hate relationship with 90% of the refs, because let’s be honest here, almost every time your team loses is because of themsports-refs-meme
  6. You know there’s nothing sweeter than the taste of victory in a final, or in the very last second of the game, or against your biggest rivalstadium-real-madrid-cannavaro-victory-goal-happiness
  7. The bittersweet feeling you get when the season is over. You get to relax, but you’ll miss your teammates more than you know ad0a7f69ac491df85ddb913a21f1ae24
  8. Nobody understand what real heartache is if they’ve never lost a final dortmund-players-crying-wembley-final
  9. But you also know you will come right back up, because y’all are a freaking t-e-a-m _76239589_afptrophy
  10. Nothing compares to the unconditional support of your family and friends, no matter whether you lose or win, they’ll always be there to celebrate or cry with you 
  11. Injuries, wounds, scars, even surgery; every single tear dropped on the field is worth it because it’s a reflection of the love you have for the game
  12. The feeling of helplessness you get when you’re injured and can’t help your team; or when you gave it all and it still wasn’t enough Gerrard-crying-with-Lampard
  13. You wouldn’t trade your team for the whole entire world2-16_launch_image_fb_original

Don’t ever take your team for granted,

Marta ❤



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